Eight Years

Yesterday marked eight years since I said goodbye to my bachelor ways and made the big plunge into married life.  Add another six years onto that, which covers the long process of courtship we call “dating.”  All told, I’ve been with my significant other for nearly half of my life.

And the cake was never the same again ...August 26, 2006

And the cake was never the same again …
August 26, 2006

That’s…well, incredible?  Amazing?  Inspirational?

It’s all of those things, and more.  Eight years ago I took my best friend and made her my wife.  Eight years ago, I gained a companion who would stand by me through everything Life had in store for me.  And for eight years, it’s been an unforgettable ride.

My first great love introduced me to my second great (though to a lesser extent) love.  It was one of those moments that seemed so insignificant, but which ended up changing everything.  Yes, it was my wife who introduced me to birding, and she didn’t even know she was doing it.

In fact, truth be told, she was the one who got me into listing.  I was opposed to it at first.  And I remember it very clearly: “But how will you know if you’ve seen it before if you don’t write it down?”  Words that will forever haunt her…

Eight years it too long of a time to wrap up into a single post.  Too many moments, too many people and places, and not everything is appropriate for public viewing.  But let it be said that, because of all of the good, and despite all of the bad, the past eight years have been far better than a bum like me deserves.

So this one’s for you, Mel.

Ta Prohm, Cambodia
February 17, 2014